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What is it we do?

Our business is supporting your business. 
Our strength is supporting your strengths. 

This is what we do best.

Steensma Pty Ltd is a specialty firm, located in Perth, Western Australia,  whose primary focus is corporate and business support, which includes; alternative dispute resolution, management consulting & contracting and training solutions..  

At Steensma Pty Ltd, all work provided, whether its dispute resolution/negotiations or management consulting or contracting remains strictly confidential.  This is our promise and guarantee.

We are passionately involved in looking towards a better future and take a more active role in protecting the environment to make it a safer and more livable place for our children's tomorrow.   As a result of our green policy, we do not send out paper brochures to interested parties.  All our brochures can be found in PDF format on this website or can be electronically sent to you, upon your request.

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Our personnel are highly qualified and experienced and can be contracted out as management consultants or for short or long term contract work and are prepared to Fly In/Fly Out anywhere throughout the globe to help you to achieve your corporate or business support needs and requirements.

Steensma Pty Ltd is an equal opportunity employer.  Our personnel are required to meet our stringent compliance criteria to ensure they conform to government regulations and guidelines.  We remain constantly committed to ensuring that not only do we provide a safe and healthy working environment for all our personnel, but also gives our clients a security of knowing that contract personnel have a very sound understanding of current OH&S legislation, regulations.

So what is Sterkte? Sterkte is Dutch for Strength, our motto

Our business is supporting your business.
Our strength is supporting your strengths


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