In these of times of economic uncertainty, shortages of trained personnel, and information accelerating at ever increasing rates, all  management teams must  ensure that all personnel involved in business are adequately trained and have the range of skills, competencies and experience necessary to manage acquisitions of varying levels of complexity.  If it is lacking they need to arrange where appropriate for training and or education, for all personnel. 

Steensma Pty Ltd can assist with competencies assessment and development of training to meet any shortfalls and therefore improve the knowledge and competencies of personnel and ultimately improving the management of human resources.

We can provide training in all aspects of in corporate  logistics, procurement & supply chain management.  Contract law & contracting processes and Negotiation & Alternative Dispute Resolution.  We have, in conjunction with Speecheasy, co-developed and presented the “Self Confidence through Effective Public Speaking”© modules and “Effective Meeting Management” © courses.

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We can also assist you with your training needs, whether it is logistics, procurement & supply chain management or developing the corporate training requirements to improve the competency of your personnel or take your organization to higher levels.

At Steensma Pty Ltd we can provide the following training courses: (click on pictures)

Business Communications Skills Courses

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Business Management Courses

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Trg Bus Mgt

Please note: In order to keep down the costs during the recession, at Steensma Pty Ltd we dont supply fancy lunches. Please bring your own. Catering can be provided on request at your expense.

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We do supply fancy morning and afternoon teas.

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